C²EC January Launch


Your application has been received and accepted. 






We are thrilled to have you on the journey to create sustainable change in ballet. Congratulations on making it through the first pandemic Nutcracker Season! It was wonderful seeing the enthusiasm Nutcracker generated (we will never take it for granted again!). We understand that Omicron has everyone scrambling again, so to avoid overload we decided to give everyone a moment to get out of 2021 and reboot before sending out any information.


The C²EC will commence with orientation after January 16th, with regular cohort meetings commencing in February but before we get started we need a few things from you. We are excited to announce that we are an international coalition–spanning two continents and four time zones. This makes us highly diverse, however it also makes finding universal meeting times challenging. We will all have to work together to address it. We are sending you your organizational login for the C²EC Members Landing Page, where you will find five polls which we hope will help us accommodate as many of us as possible.


“We will not allow perfect to be the enemy of the good.” -Voltaire


Here is the plan:




We suggest that you create an internal C²EC support team which will consist of your Primary Coalition Liaison (PCL) formerly identified as Coalition Representative on your application. This is the person who will receive all coalition information to disseminate to the rest of the organization. We also suggest designating a team of Coalition Representatives (CR) to support your PCL in facilitating the work of the coalition, create accountability and assist in the PCL tasks such as polling and assessments. This could be your preexisting DEI task force or transformation team.




Please have your PCL and/or CRs conduct an internal poll to determine the best days and times for people within your organization to attend:

  • One-Hour Orientation (we will hold up to three sessions)
    • You do not have to attend orientation as a group; you can come to separate sessions. 
  • Monthly Cohort Tier Sessions (days and times)



Organizations are people, and people can be at different places in their education and development. Therefore organizations can participate across tiers.


Departments/individuals can attend the cohort tier (App/CdB) meetings that best align with where they are in their personal or even departmental learning. 


  • Apprentice (App) Cohort Artistic Cohort / Admin Cohort
    • Building and filling your toolbox: The primary focus of the Apprentice cohort is providing the basic building blocks of I.D.E.A and cultural competence education through our Curriculum of Change, and supporting the cohort in the process of defining their organizational identity through the lens of I.D.E.A. Cultural Competence
  • The Corps de Ballet (CdB) Artistic Cohort / Admin Cohort 
    • Using the tools in your tool box: The primary focus will be on embodying the principles of I.D.E.A and cultural competence. CdB will also engage in the Curriculum of Change, however their work will be more tailored to support the work they have begun and address blind spots, barriers, or specific issues they have identified.Corps de Ballet (CdB): Artistic Cohort & Admin Cohort


We will cast a second poll to lock in actual dates.


NOTE: Our goal is to find fixed meeting times for Cohort meetings. With respect to the work and your cohort, it is very important that the times submitted are those that members can commit to and will prioritize within their busy schedules. It is understood that we are dealing with multiple time zones, crammed schedules, and crisis as a norm, but it is very important that you establish an organizational commitment to this work, and it starts with a commitment to being present. Of course things change, so periodically we can reassess the schedule if necessary.


Don’t worry: you will never miss a thing.
All meetings will be recorded and available in your portal!


The polls can be found HERE on the C²EC Members Portal.


Please have your PCL or CRs fill out the polls as soon as possible.

*The first week of February 2022, we will issue an invoice for your 2022 membership fee.