Apprentice Module 8: Mission, Vision, Core Values

Mission, Vision, Core Values

What Is a Mission Statement?

A mission statement is a brief description of why a company exists. It states the goal of the organization and describes the nature of the product or service. Every company should have a mission statement to show its purpose. In order to reveal the goals of an organization, the mission statement should articulate what the business does, how it operates, and why the business does what it does. [Source:Small Business Solutions]

1. Define your business's purpose.

2. State what the company does for its employees.

3. Describe the company's goals and objectives.

4. Be specific and brief.

Vision Statement

A vision statement is a vision is a roadmap for a company and indicates the wants and initiatives by setting a clear direction for the company’s growth. By having a clear view of where you want to be in the future, you will know how to travel there. Your idea will guide you toward your objectives. [Source:Nevue Fine Arts Marketing]

Core Values

As a definition, company core values are the clearly stated principles about the organization’s vision, mission, and principles. That way, everyone is aligned around a guiding philosophy to serve employees, customers, and the broader community.

That can also double as the definition of company culture. In many ways, values and culture are synonymous. They’re both about the higher aspirations of a company. The result is the DNA fundamental to a company’s identity. [Source: firstup]


Core Values Are What You Believe

Communicating company core values: Definition, examples, and why it matters



“Demonstrate your outrage Demonstrate your allyship Demonstrate your authenticity We don’t need shadow heroes, step into the light …”

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